Watch the trailer to our film about Female Genital Mutilation
Also, please support our Indiegogo campaign to finish the film, end forced child marriages and offer girls and women with fistula free surgery to fix the fistula. We have only 9 day only, please donate to our campaign today through this link


Your Button Badge for supporting victims of Female Genital Mutilation

Thank you for supporting my work to end Female Genital Mutilation in East Africa and supporting my campaign to film and produce ‘Chasing the Cut’, a documentary film about Female Genital Mutilation. I just added a new gift,  button badge that you can attach to your lapel to show support for victims of Female Genital Mutilation.

I have only 150 pieces, please grab yours ASAP. It’s now the new featured perk and  has a ‘featured perk’ label on top of the perk list. Visit my campaign page HERE  and select your button badge. Alternatively, use this URL to go my campaign page


I am very excited about this badge!

Thank you; Happy International Women’s Day

Thank you for supporting CHASING THE CUT, don’t forget that Indiegogo gives $1 for every $25 donated today. Please continue to share my campaign  with your friends and request them to donate today.

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From now until 2014 until Friday February 28, 2014 19:00 GMT, I am running a contest to see which supporter can refer in the most friends, family and followers to my campaign to end Female Genital Mutilation!  Everyone is eligible!  All you have to do is go to the campaign homepage, grab a unique URL in the “Share this Campaign” field (below the pitch video) and get the word out as best you can.  There will be two winners: one for most total referrals and overall contributions referred in (min $100) and the second winner is one who refers the second highest contributors (min $50)  Anytime anyone clicks your unique link (that you copied from the camping page and sent them) to get to our page, Indiegogo tracks that activity and “credits” you with the referral.  I can then see who has generated the most traffic to my campaign.  Whoever does so DURING THIS CONTEST PERIOD will win Either a unique and beautiful African art craft ($127 value), or special African earrings if female or a unique bark cloth wallet if male ($43 value).  

Here is the general campaign link

Click, then grab your unique link to share!  FYI, using the “Share” tools on the homepage works as well, as it automatically ties you to your post on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Email.

WINNING TIP: Send your close friends and family a personal request to contribute to the campaign and follow up with them.

More Details – from campaign Update tab


In support of our $3790 fundraising, I am excited to announce the second referral contest. Our first winners are listed on the campaign Updates tab. Thank you Eddy and Mario for your incredible support and helping me reach out to contributors.

I am now rolling out these fantastic referral prizes in the coming days as we push for the fundraising goal and grow our efforts to end Female Genital Mutilation.


#1 – This referral competition runs from today Tuesday February 25, 2014 until Friday February 28, 2014 19:00 GMT.

#2 – The top referrers will be ranked based on people that they have referred to my campaign and the total level of contribution from those referrals.

#3 – To start referring, share the campaign link (below the video on the campaign’s Indiegogo home page) and get your network to contribute. Send your close friends and family a personal request to contribute to the campaign. Make sure you use that link to track your referrals.

#4 – I will publish a regular board on the campaign update page

–  1st prize for the top referrer is another unique and beautiful African art craft (value $127) perfect for your living room.

–  2nd place gets a pair of African earrings if female or a unique bark cloth wallet if male ($43 value)

–  I will send a thank you note on the campaign’s update section for the first 10 referrers

–  Anyone worldwide can participate

– Please don’t worry about shipping costs for your prizes

Thank you everyone for your fantastic support.

You only have a few days, so get referring now and win one of these great prizes.  Keep watching out for other great prizes to come on Saturday March 1, 2014.

Click here to donate to my campaign to end Female Genital Mutilation

23 children die because of lack of safe water

23 children are reported to have died of  malaria, typhoid and malnutrition in the neighboring Rakai district.  There are 4265 immigrants with over 500 children at Sango bay camp who were resettled there by Uganda  government in August this year following their expulsion from Tanzania. 
Leaders in the camp say many children are succumbing to various illnesses as a result of consuming contaminated water from Lukoma valley dam because they have no other option and they have do not received any medical and food supplies. 
It has been reported that many patients are now stranded without drugs, lack clean water, food and mosquito nets. Local leaders are worried about a looming cholera outbreak because of poor human waste disposal.

Join ICOD Action Network to end this and let’s celebrate water together. Join our celebrate water here

Please remember to share the campaign with a friend and request them to join now.