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As you are read this, there are between 8 and 10 million women and girls in the Middle East and in Africa who are at risk of undergoing one form or another of genital cutting and more than 125 million girls and women have been subjected to the ordeal. By clicking donate, you are saving millions of girls and woman in East Africa at risk of being forced to undergo Female Genital Mutilation. Please DONATE today

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International Women’s Day Gifts

As the spotlight turns toward the world’s women on International Women’s Day (March 8th) and throughout the month of March, CHASING THE CUT is calling out to every one – both women AND men – to invest in ending Female Genital Mutilation and other forms of Violence Against Women. I have a couple of gifts for you for helping end Female Genital Mutilation.
A handwoven purse made by women Kapchorwa, Eastern Uganda who work with children and women in FGM practicing communities and other disadvantaged groups. Go to our Female Genital Mutilation Campaign HERE and choose this gift.
A handwoven straw and cloth basket made by survivors of FGM  from Central Kenya, East Africa.  Go to our Female Genital Mutilation Campaign HERE and choose this gift.
“African clothing” is internationally known because is its uniqueness, originality and great designs influenced by the people’s daily activities, food, climate and traditions. Traditional African cottons are made from natural organic fibers and are highly durable and often very colorful, comfortable and quite unique.
I  will send you a unique traditional Africa clothing from the communities that I will visit while filming. This is a great opportunity to have this wonderful clothing shipped to your address. Go to our Female Genital Mutilation Campaign HERE and choose this gift.

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What the world thinks about Female Genital Mutilation

This is what some people who have signed my petition demanding firm action against Female Genital Mutilation are saying. There are hundreds of wonderful comments on the petition page, I am sharing these today.

Dowling .M.

“FGM is a barbaric, dangerous and cruel practice that must be ended for ever, NOW.”


“FGM should be brought to an END”


“FGM is, quite simply, an abhorrent denial of basic human rights – however it is perceived and explained, it must stop. Thank you.”


“Educate all citizens, empower those at risk, and end FGM”


“It’s the 21st Century… it’s time this unnecessary cruelty was put a stop to.”

Ayana .M.

“The ritual is absolutely inhumane (unnatural, disrespectful to our mother/father creator’s creation of the female body which was created w/ perfect purpose). The act is oppressive, horrific to any child’s emotional and psychological [mental] health, and is an underhanded tactic to mold/structure from a baby, a diminished self-esteem in young girl’s by the time they reach adolescence. I know for a FACT and with good reason that this unnecessary and unproductive ritual is definitely resulting from East Africa and the Mid Sib-Saharan government’s conscious or unconscious unmet needs due to poverty, stemming from a lack of resources, embezzlement of government funds (government fraud), with the root cause being unjust [government] leadership and spiritual ignorance. U.S. Person’s of Power w/ public leadership status (e.g. Oprah Winfrey) or somebody w/powerful [amicable (peacemaking) and negotiation] leadership abilities from the U.S. needs to step up and intervene to eradicate this barbaric, senseless, uncivilized act of despondence and hate presenting itself as self-hatred and self-mutilation…”

Join us and sign the petition HERE

10 days left, please donate to our campaign ‘Fruit Trees for School Children’

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas holidays. I am writing to share with you this.

We have just 10 days to go to reach the  goal of  our campaign ‘Fruit Trees for School Children’. Thank you for supporting us to get to 23%!  We are so grateful for you who believe in our  work and supported us in 2013.

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Fruit Trees for school children – Promoting food Security and Environment

ICOD Action Network believes that working with communities to grow and share healthy food helps cultivate healthy communities able to sustain themselves in future. Since 2008, we have been using community organizing and agriculture as a catalyst for social change by bringing people together across social, economic, and cultural barriers.


When ICOD Action Network turned five years old in February 2013, we decided we wanted to do something big for our community; PLANT 5000 FOOD TREES [ 1000 trees for each year we have been in existence since 2008] so as to contribute to our community’s food security and environmental conservation efforts. We reached to multiple donors to support this project and we got $0.00.Instead of giving up after failing to get donor funding, we found another way, grow thousands of food trees ourselves and train thousands of school children and youth on how to plant them in their schools and communities.

ICOD ACTION NETWORK staff have been able to produce 6325 jackfruit trees in 2013 all of which were distributed free of charge to school children. We are committed to the idea that food  and fruits should be available to everyone, regardless of social and economic status. We worked hard in 2013 to ensure that food trees are freely distributed to school children in schools in rural and youth.Image

With our team of children ambassadors  who have shown distinguished leadership in different participating schools, we have been able to train school children to lead other children in planting food trees in their schools and communities.

ICOD Action Network believes that children “own the future” and has set up mechanisms to mobilize and encourage children to directly take charge of planting food trees. School children have been trained in planting food trees of mangoes, papaya and jackfruit in their respective communities.

We have 20 days to go, please donate our campaign through this link

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Greetings from South Sudan

It’s eight days since my colleague and I arrived here in  Lake State in South Sudan as external consultants for a Non Governmental Organization to help it design a sustainable and quality education program accessible for girls. It’s been a wonderful week in a new environment of very friendly people here though we sometimes  use sign language to  for food when we are around people who cant speak English.

Two days after our arrival, we experienced  what everyone  has lived with for almost the past thirty years; prolonged gun shots at an inter clan fight. We were told 3 days later that some of the bullets fell in our compound. Staff here didn’t want to tell us because they knew we would be scared. We are told inter clan fights are  very common here to an extent that one must  always be very careful when talking to people because wrong words  can incite the whole clan into a fight which we are told starts with fist fights, to sticks, stones, spears and then guns leaving hundreds on innocent people dead or severely injured. We are told here almost every one owns a gun including young boys and  school children. Even when research assistants don’t perform to my expectations, I have to hide my disappointment. I know this is one way to keep the work moving on smoothly and keep every one in the team motivated and performing but I must admit it’s the only way to stay safe here.

Child Soldiers

You all know what I am talking about here; children aged between 10 -17 years, in full military fatigue, heavily armed and manning road blocks. I didn’t expect this and I have never seen  a child soldier except in movies. Aren’t these children supposed to be in school? Who is responsible for recruiting or  keeping these children in the army? I think one of the most urgent things the South Sudan government needs to work on is reintegrating these children into their communities and making sure they are back to school.  Every time we get to the road block, I hide my camera for fear of being arrested on suspicious of taking pictures. I actually haven’t tried taking any pictures of these kids because it can easily land me in real trouble.

Thank you for reading my first article, I will try and share more soon if I have access to internet.


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My next article: IN BED WITH SCORPIONS

Lots of love from Rumbek East County South Sudan