Barefoot Grannies: sparking a global movement for reprodutive health

Our story begins in 1948. That year, world leaders met at the United Nations to adopt a Universal Declaration of Human rights. They adopted a set of basic rights to protect human life and dignity. Among these was Article 25 – the right to a standard of living adequate for one’s “health and well-being”. It stated, among other things, that all people had the right to “medical care and necessary social services”. Overtime, the right because known simply as Article 25 – the right to health.

Today, more than 20 million people die each year due to inequalities in global health. More tan 150 million people face unaffordable health care costs each year. And more than 100 million people each year are plunged into poverty. It’s no longer enough for any one group or country to take action. What we face is a global crisis that needs a global movement to fix it. That’s is what we are doing in Uganda, we want you to join our Barefoot Grannies Movement.

We are coming together as one unified movement to send a powerful message that the time to action has come; a time to end Female Genital Mutilation and promote women’s reproductive health is now.  We are Barefoot, We are Grannies;  Join us, support us, donate to us and let’s remind the world of the crisis women are facing.  Donate to our Indiegogo Campaign here


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