Fruit Trees for school children – Promoting food Security and Environment

ICOD Action Network believes that working with communities to grow and share healthy food helps cultivate healthy communities able to sustain themselves in future. Since 2008, we have been using community organizing and agriculture as a catalyst for social change by bringing people together across social, economic, and cultural barriers.


When ICOD Action Network turned five years old in February 2013, we decided we wanted to do something big for our community; PLANT 5000 FOOD TREES [ 1000 trees for each year we have been in existence since 2008] so as to contribute to our community’s food security and environmental conservation efforts. We reached to multiple donors to support this project and we got $0.00.Instead of giving up after failing to get donor funding, we found another way, grow thousands of food trees ourselves and train thousands of school children and youth on how to plant them in their schools and communities.

ICOD ACTION NETWORK staff have been able to produce 6325 jackfruit trees in 2013 all of which were distributed free of charge to school children. We are committed to the idea that food  and fruits should be available to everyone, regardless of social and economic status. We worked hard in 2013 to ensure that food trees are freely distributed to school children in schools in rural and youth.Image

With our team of children ambassadors  who have shown distinguished leadership in different participating schools, we have been able to train school children to lead other children in planting food trees in their schools and communities.

ICOD Action Network believes that children “own the future” and has set up mechanisms to mobilize and encourage children to directly take charge of planting food trees. School children have been trained in planting food trees of mangoes, papaya and jackfruit in their respective communities.

We have 20 days to go, please donate our campaign through this link

Please share the link with your close and friends and family and request them to donate to our project.

Thank you


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